Youngstock assessment

Biomechanical analysis has already been successful used to identify potential top class race horses in the US and determine approximate relative prices at sales. EquiLaterals would like to extend this insight into all sport horses by assessing young-stock for their future potential and suitableness for their intended purpose.

Parameters for flat work

  • Stride Length
  • Elevation of each stride
  • Evenness left/right (Symmetry)
  • Overtrack distance
  • Topline outline
  • Centre of gravity
  • When ridden the range of pace within pace ie collection and extension

Parameters stationary

  • Angle of pastern
  • Hoof angles
  • Position of head on shoulders
  • Tail placement
  • Length of back/neck
  • Slope of shoulder/hindquarters

Parameters to measure jumping

  • Hock/knee/fetlock angle
  • Distance from nose to tail
  • Difference in height reached by wither before and over the jump¬†