Performance Analysis

The standard of competition is always improving and EquiLaterals are at the forefront of performance enhancing technology.  Detailed analysis of school movements and jumping is a useful way to fine tune your performance in order to achieve marginal gains which could make all the difference.

Our technology is widely used in other sports from beginner to international levels to help improve athletic performance. It has been found that visualisation is one of the most effective ways for an athlete to receive feedback and improve. EquiLaterals provides instant, accurate and specific feedback to help you improve your position on the horse, keep motivation high and improve confidence. It is quick and easy to see how adjustments in your body position can affect how the horse moves and its ability to perform on the flat or over jumps.

It is also possible to measure a horse’s performance or level of training by comparing an individual with others of known ability. This can help to assess your current abilities and identify specific points that can be amended. Successive assessments using EquiLaterals means that previous sessions can be used as comparison and progress charted.