Should We Redefine Equine Lameness In The Era Of Quantitative Gait Analysis? 
The opinion from the Royal Veterinary College recommending the use of Gait Analysis Systems alongside Vets.

Ridden Horse Gait Report to see an example of a Horse Gait Analysis Report. An example of further analysis that can be carried out into a specific area can be found here Extended Shoulder Analysis

Gait Analysis

Injury and lameness are unfortunately very common in horses particularly performance horses. A huge amount of time and money is spent on identifying the cause, treatment and rehabilitation. EquiLaterals provides quantitative analysis of the horses gait giving early diagnosis of lameness and non-subjective assessment of progression back to soundness.

Video Analysis is a means of quantifying movement patterns through timing, distance and angular measurements. The timing variables describe the tempo, rhythm and regularity of the stride. The distance variables describe the stride length and the distances between individual limb placements, such as the amount of over-tracking. The angular variables describe the position of the bones and joints, for example, how much flexion occurs at different joints. It can be used to relate the horses conformation to their movement and identify potential areas that may be prone to injury. 

A Baseline Gait Symmetry Assessment at the start of your competitive season can be an invaluable reference point to be referred back to throughout the season to monitor and changes in movement, track recovery after competitions and help keep your horse performing at their best.