Research Projects

We can quantify every aspect of the horse’s movement from stride length to the degree of suspension or the range of movement in the hock. We have worked with a number of companies aiding the in product design and development for both horse and rider welfare.
If you have a project in mind and would like more information on how we can assist you in its development or quantifying its impact on the horse get in touch to 07743565538
Stride free saddle & km elite

EquiLaterals was used to measure the difference in the horses gait and stride length when wearing a Stride Free Saddle vs their Original Saddle. The trial showed a significantly greater stride length in both walk and trot in the Stride Free Saddle. The analysis indicates that the increase in stride length has come from opening up the movement of the shoulder and hips/stifle.


We recently carried out a study to assess the horses way of going in Kelly’s new dual padding system in both a 4 ring drop and a double bridle compared to their original bridle. We specifically placed 3 extra markers around the head in order to quantify the horses head/neck position in each of the bridles. The findings showed improvement in the hindlimb symmetry and the horses were open – ‘less behind the vertical’ – through the poll.

Crafted Equestrian

We can’t reveal any details at the moment but safe to say the Pilot Study results look great and I am looking forward to carrying out the Official Larger Study before Christmas – hopefully! Keep an eye on the website for the results!


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