A stride analysis report was conducted on three horses, two travelling at 25mph and the third travelling at 33mph. The data was used to assess the stride parameters of all three horse including stance duration and duration of aerial phase. 

  • Horse 1 has a difference of 54% if the stance duration of the leading side compared to the trailing side
  • Both Horse 2 and 3 symmetrically load limbs on both sides
  • At a faster speed the stance duration of the hind limbs increases above that of the forelimbs indicating the propulsion comes more from behind to enable the horse to travel faster. This is reflected also in the duty factor of the limbs
  • Horse 3 has slightly bigger stride parameters at full stretch compared to both Horse 1 and 2 despite him having a much larger stride length of 6.99m compared to Horse 1(5.34m) and Horse 2 (5.41) *Horse 3 is travelling faster. The stride time is similar for all three horses
  • The aerial time is greater when the speed is greater