We are looking for riders to work alongside to help best prepare for their 2019 Competition Goals!

EquiLaterals applies to horse and riders across all levels, abilities and disciplines and we are looking to support people who represent this.


Congratulations to our selected riders :-
*Katie Bedwin
*Laura Schroter
*Daisy Hills
*Christine Luscombe

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Contact: LucyAnna Westaway
Cranleigh, Surrey UK
Tel:07743 565538
Email: info@equilaterals.co.uk


Some feedback from a few lovely clients :-

I have had an equilaterals assessment done on my horse this weekend by LucyAnna Westaway. I cannot recommend her highly enough, he has had an infected pedal bone recently and I need to monitor his soundness. This is difficult for me as it is now very subtle and has resulted in me sending my vet trot-up videos which isn’t ideal. This has given me a way of providing a report to my vet of his progress and taken the guesswork out of it for me. I am just a ‘happy hacker’ so it’s not just something that competition horses would use, it’s useful and affordable for us leisure riders too. Thank you LucyAnna

NICOLA WILTSHIRE – Equine Sports Massage & Cranial Sacral 07801252244
This is amazing. It was fun to do and then fantastic to receive an incredibly detailed report on my horses movement showing minor differences left to right and pointing out areas of his body that are holding tightness or more or less range of motion. I would highly recommend EquiLaterals to anyone wanting to learn and fully understand how their horse is moving.

CAMILLA ERSKINE – Endurance Rider
We all really enjoyed the session, the process is so interesting and informative. Thank you for writing up the reports so quickly and for your excellent summaries. They are incredibly helpful, with so much valuable information. The rider analysis is really helpful also. I hurt my neck a couple of months ago and it’s clear that’s having an impact. Some good pointers for things to work on with my riding.

JOSH MOORE – U18 Event Rider @JoshMooreEventing 
I was really impressed with all aspects of the gait analysis service that I received from LucyAnna. The analysis was really quick and easy and the feedback I got was excellent. I received an extensive 14 page report the very next morning and I was amazed by how detailed it was. The report noticed things that it I would never have spotted without the report. I can now be very confident that I am in the best position to maintain my horse’s soundness throughout the season thanks to the gait analysis. The rider position analysis service has been unbelievably useful for improving my position. I have used the reports in my lessons and my instructors can then use it to help me improve. Moreover because the technology is able to pick up on such minor details it makes the task of improving my position so much easier than just having someone helping you on the ground. The report was extremely thorough and I highly recommend the service.