Congratulations to our selected riders :-
*Katie Bedwin
*Laura Schroter
*Daisy Hills
*Christine Luscombe

Find out more about them on our Sponsored Riders Page.

I am very much looking forward to working with you this coming season!

Training Day

In conjunction with Little Bentley Eventing, PW Equine Physio, and Omega Equine we are putting together an intensive development day on 9th March
Spectators are welcome FOC
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“The reports are incredibly helpful, with so much valuable information…”

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Benefits of Equilaterals

  • Accurate, reliable and repeatable quantification of how your horse moves

  • Improve rider confidence,  position and effectiveness

  • Proven performance enhancing technology used across many Olympic sports

  • Assesses the impact of the rider on soundness, development and performance

  • Reliable comparison across multiple sessions
  • Detection, assessment and tracking of subtle lameness problems through finding asymmetries in movements

  • Rehabilitation progress assessment

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PM or 📩 info@equilaterals.co.uk to book a Horse Gait and Rider Position Assessment and kickstart your summer training programme!
The reports you will receive contain –
✅Accurate documentation of rider position
✅Detailed rider symmetry analysis
✅Quantification of horses gait in terms of stride length, load time and 12+ joint angles and much more
✅Symmetry assessment of horses gait
✅Easy to understand reports with notes focused on areas for improvement incl targeted exercises
✅Performance enhancing step by step breakdown of movements (e.g medium trot, transition to halt etc) specific to your requirements
➡️Do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like more information or have a chat with our sponsored riders and hear their feedback on their assessments
🔸@Katie Bedwin Endurance
🔸@Christine Luscombe Dressage
🔸@Daisy Hills & Laura Schroter Eventing
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